Syndication Rockstar – Top SEO Plugin

Syndication Rockstar – Top SEO Plugin

It’s been almost a month since an ancient 2012 year past on and there is alreadyBest SEO Techniques absolutely revolutionary SEO WordPress plugin, coming from one of the most respected Internet Marketer Sean Donahoe.

I probably know what would you like to say right now. WTF name is that? Has it even something to do with SEO? Well, true is that it does. But won’t let this run you away from that. This is really unique WordPress plugin, and apparently the best that you’ll be able to get so far. Listen carefully…This might be really the best SEO technique in 2013

Top SEO Plugin

Syndication RockstarAlright, lets talk about our fresh SEO toy. The name Syndication Rockstar already tells us what it might do for you does. That’s right, it syndicates your article posts to a lot of different online accounts. The loyal advantage of this plugin is almost full automatization. You probably know that when you want to generate free online traffic to your website or blog, one of the necessary thing is pull your website into the top of search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Mainly to the first page of Search Engine, where is stacking most of the traffic. Almost nobody go to the second, third or even any lower page. So to speedy score there you’ll one of the most well-known thing in current SEO, which is high quality backlinks to your blog. And if i said high quality, i mean high quality, not any poor links dug from the grave. Because unpleasant backlinks could even injure to your site, as search engine as Google is really fussy who to push up front and who to dig underground, when it comes down to ranking.

Best SEO Technique for 2013

So, let me light it up a little bit for you. High quality backlinks means, links from verytraffic authority sites like Web 2.0 properties which could be for example tumblr, wordpress, blogger etc. That Google respects them. But before you had to perform these accounts and each original post manually. And i’m telling it takes a lot of time. For each post execute a current state with at least 300 words or more, so Google notifies. Well, with this totally breakthrough WordPress SEO tool you don’t have to be spending hours and hours of your expensive time. It’s absolutely future state of SEO marketing!

Everything of the mentioned above done for you automatically. All you need to do is objectively write one excellent article and that’s it. Then you spin it with spinning software, which is part of the plugin, to design many different articles, each 100% unique! And that’s exactly what you need to avoid of penalization by Google for duplicate posts. Syndication Rockstar plugin then automatically creates your web 2.0 accounts and send your unique posts to them. How easy right!

Another useful link building website is Social Monkee. It’s really affordable, you can register for as low as $7. And it’s life time membership with them. For better SEO results i always recommend to getting your backlinks from a few different sources. So if you register with them plus you’ll be running Syndication Rockstar, i think it’s pretty much sufficient.

From my opinion and experience, there is no doubt that when it comes to SEO.

If you are interested in buy Syndication Rockstar WordPress plugin, go to and you’ll get 3 special and valuable bonuses.


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